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Feldenkrais® mind and body educational gentle movements led me back to the child-like stage of discovery after a life changing car accident left me a shadow of the person I once was. I explored my breathing, how my fingers and toes move: every part of me was sensing and mindful of how empowered I felt with each discovered movement.  Today I have moved beyond that shadowy figure; I move easier and look forward to teach students how body-mind awareness through movements can improve their daily functionality moving toward ease, moving with comfort and moving mindfully.

I graduated from Elizabeth Beringer’s Feldenkrais Institute of San Diego in May 2016.  Currently I teach at the Northwest YMCA and the S3NSE studio in Cupertino, CA.  I enjoy working with people of all ages from youth to the mature. Recently I have worked with people recovering from stroke and back surgery.  I have also completed training in the Sounder Sleep System®.

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